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    multi rig (jonny mac rig)

    multi rig easy to set up rig on heres a couple of pics :

    rig bits for this rig : no less than a 20lb hook link
    a good chod hook, id us the atomic chod
    oval rig ring

    take of the lenth of hook link about 12inc , the next bit is down to u the loop u make is down to how much u want your pop up ie:the lenth of the loop is the depth of the hook bait , if the loop is an inc the bait will be popped up and inc.

    now at the base of the loop knot strip a few ml of coating back , this is to give the rig some movement .
    get your choosen chod hook and put the loop through the eye of the hook and at this point slid the oval rig ring over the loop
    now take the loop over the shank of the hook and pull the loop back to tighten the loop up slightly as u should be able to see on pic.

    use a shot to counter balance the pop up but put this on the back of the stripped bit of hook link

    the hook can be change easly and quickly if needed

    ( the pop up is a kt30 from )
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