Did an evening session on friday at the local park lake, didnt think i had much chance with the temperatures dropping so much around here but thought what the hell! After a couple of hours i had a take on the old faithful chod rig resulting in this nice little 14lbs 4oz mirror..

Not long after re-casting the rod i had another take. This was a small mirror around the 10lb mark. I didn't bother weighing or photographing this one as it was being a bit of a handful!

Decided to fish there again yesterday evening after work, me and a mate arrived at the lake at 6.30 to find the spot i'd been catching on was taken. We decided to fish the top end of the lake on the back of a cold northerly wind. Around 10.30 i had a take, again, on the chod rig. This was a 12lbs 10oz mirror..

All fish were taken using a custom made flouro yellow strawberry and n-butyric pop up made by premier baits.

Gonna try my luck again on friday, looks like 3 chods will do the trick lol.