while on our trip to stanners, me n trev were pegged up on 2 relativley close swims backing onto another lake on the complex.

2 lads setup behind us and we found ourselves for the most of saturday evening and sunday morning trying to show these lads where they were going wrong, heres a brief list of what they were doing.

1 unhoking mat bewtween 2 swims.
leaving carp unattended while running between swims
leaving carp on unhookings mats while answering there/sending messages on there phones.
walking to the other end of the lake leaving rods unattended, no reciever.

the list is pretty much endless but you get the drift.

We tried and tried to talk to them, but were met with huffs and puffs, fighting a losing battle sprung to mind. The fishery manager was informed sunday morning, and to my astonishment his reply was ok....OK

these lads had no clue how to play a fish, land a fish, car for a fish while on the bank and should not of been on there imo unattended, they couldnt of been older than 14.

have you come across anything like this while you were fishing and what steps did you take.