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    Nash Carp Cradle

    The Nash Carp Cradle

    Which in reality is not a mat as the padded mat is held off the ground by an easily assembled metal cradle. This Carp Cradle is definitely up there for ultimate carp care.

    I used one of these on a session last week and they really are a top bit of kit, no more struggling with a fish flapping about on a mat, no more back breaking leaning over a fish. This cradle really has both the fish and angler in mind.

    When you lift the fish for a photo, if it goes on a wobbly, its simply a matter of rolling the fish onto your forearms and lowering ever so slightly and the carp is in the cradle, it cant flap off it or cause itself any harm.

    The cradle has 2 large flaps that you can cover the fish with if it needs calming down drastically.
    The only thing this cradle hasnt got is adjustable legs so on uneven ground ie slopes it cant be adjusted, but the fish is still more safe in this cradle on uneven ground than a mat on uneven ground, as it wont slide out of this where as a mat it will slide off it.

    Its has no real weight to it when dis-assembled and comes in its own carry all that takes the frame and the mat part of the cradle.

    I give this cradle a mark of 8/10 superb bit of kit
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